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It will serve as invitation to tokenholders to render voluntary services; an invite from prospective FinTech businesses that will leverage services and products unto the Phantom blockchain . At a minimum, tokenholders are expected to be involved with the dynamic on-chain blockchain governance of our decentralized community-governed network of ledgers.

Should a more advanced community work is required which includes the participation on the different backoffice, middle office or the front office tasks, a tokenholder must be willing to help.

In summary, community work also includes contributing for the improvement and maintainance of the code (back office tasks).

With regards to the delegates, other than being mainly responsible for the operations of the network, it is for them to continue giving prepaid or discounts to their voters of the current and prospectives products and services that may be availed using the Blockchain. These are done through the sharing of forging rewards. However, as previously mentioned in our policy research, there are no contractual obligations between the delegate and a voter. These arrangements are being made informally, off-chain and not to be considered as a community policy. These are voluntary on the part of the delegates and offered as customary marketing practice of harnessing the benefits of the so-called “network effects”. More importantly, having XPH tokens does not grant its holders rights on the above-mentioned products or services.

Aside from the work being done by the delegates, middle office tasks include the role of the Phantom Research Group (PRG) it currently trying to fulfill which relates to compliance, risk management, policy research and advisory.

On the other hand, with regards to the front office work, as a community, we have yet to start the process of formulating a distinctive messaging strategy for the Phantom Blockchain. Once the community formulated a cohesive strategic and marketing plans, front office work should begin immediately using the said plans and must be deposited with the PRG so that any community member can access and execute it.

In the near future, the PRG will host a virtual community strategic planning mainly for this purpose.

In conclusion, the PRG continues to invite tokenholders to provide community services and to share their talents and skills. It invites you to find your role within the community and contribute whether it is for back office, middle office or the front office jobs.

Our public blockchain could be the solutions we have been waiting for that will let our community achieve financial inclusion, privacy and independence.

Phantom Research Group, contributing member organisation at www.avantgardecollective.org

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