Why Phantom (XPH) has a Better Chance of Success for Mainstream Adoption.

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The marketing strategy under the “Powered by Phantom” tag line, is an admission that the path for mainstream adoption is through navigating various local regulations.

This will show the Community’s awareness of the complications and risks that come with the use of crypto in general.

By putting ourselves on the shoes of the receivers of the tokens who are mostly formal business establishments with regulatory and compliance responsibilities, we will be able to realize that they will adopt the use of crypto in their operations only if we control, mitigate and transfer the legal and compliance risks within our community (please read the risk management framework in earlier reddit posts on the matter). We should only engage them as external stakeholders of the Phantom Blockchain.

By choosing this path, the community will be able to showcase the utility of the XPH.

This is how we will implement our B2B marketing strategy for mainstream adoption, i.e. making it seamless for these external stakeholders to adapt the financial and business solutions the Phantom community are offering.

Phantom Research Group, Member @ www.avantgardecollective.org

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