Statement from Phantom Research Group (PRG)

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PRG’s commitment

The PRG will continue to deliver on its roadmap for this project. We will pursue our advocacy and will do whatever is needed for it to succeed.

We view the delay on the development on the code as merely an inconvenience or a temporary stepback. As everyone is aware, these developments and updates on the code are already available on the’s github. There is only the need for these to be merged with the Phantom code. Therefore, it is only a question of time and the manner of execution.

We believe that the negative effects of the current delays on the reputation of the Phantom project could easily be managed and be reversed when PRG is starting to deliver on this roadmap.

PRG believe that these are merely operational issues that can be easily resolved internally by the delegates.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is not to let XPH exists only at crypto space, outside the jurisdiction of any country but to bring XPH under the jurisdictions of countries and so that it may acquire a legal status as utility token. Having a legal certainty of its status could lead to mainstream adoption as we do not want XPH to be talked about in whispers or dealt with in the shadows of the internet.

We will start with executing the “Powered by Phantom” business strategy.

As the preliminary strategy, we believe that this could lead to the usage of the token and therefore gain a mainstream following.

The Roadmap

We will follow these sequence of tasks and explain the reasoning for these steps.

  1. Published materials introducing the Phantom Blockchain, the nature of the token, the community role, influence and responsibilities and our opinion behind the airdrop. These were all accomplished through posting on community reddit to solicit comments. After a sufficient time have passed, these materials were published for a larger audience through the Medium. Seven research papers were already released. These will served as the main philosophies , policies and references by the PRG for this project.
  2. Established a website, the The website will serve as the main hub, library and main body of reference materials for regulators and future FinTech partners. Another purpose is to attract similarly minded professionals to contribute their skills and expertise to the project. The redesign of the website and a standalone website for the Phantom Community are now being considered.
  3. Draft a Legal memorandum arguing that the XPH is a utility token. The PRG will draft a legal memorandum only after a sufficent time have passed from the time the above-mentioned 7 research or policy papers were publicly released. We will engage a lawfirm to review the legal memorandum and avail its service, if the need arises, to represent the Phantom community through the PRG for the purpose of requesting a “No objection notice” from a regulator. Initially, we are targeting the central bank of the Philippines as this country will be the first jurisdiction we will market the utility of XPH. This process should be replicated for other jurisdictions.
  4. Establish a legally recognized advocacy entity for Phantom. This will be founded in the Philippines as the PRG are based here. Other units or affiliates from other countries should be established for a more global approach and acceptance.
  5. Conduct a Business to Business marketing. Once, we have acquired the “No objection notice” from the regulator. We will start our marketing effort here in the Philippines with local wallet providers, centralized exchanges, remittance companies and retail businesses under the “Powered by Phantom” umbrella strategy. Again, this effort should be replicated in other jurisdictions.

Our Limitations

Our ability to deliver on this roadmap will be largely dependent on the funds that we accumulate through delegate rove’s forging and donations directly send to the PRG’s wallet.

Please note that the delays on the development on the code, mobile wallets and other plug-ins affect the price of the XPH moreso the PRG’s ability to accomplished key targets within the allocated time.

Many thanks and Good luck to us!

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