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The PHANTOM Main Network is now officially live and the first genesis block has been forged! First the PHANTOM project would like to thank the team over at ARK for creating an open-source platform designed for the scalability of launching interoperable custom blockchains. PHANTOM is proud to be the first forked version of ARK v2 launched with plans of implementing privacy protocols into the platform. PHANTOM has now launched with a fork of ARK and CTR with no pre-mine allocation, founders allocation (ARK’s removed), and with a fully decentralized platform designed for its users and community. Now that the Main Network is live we want to go over a series of important items in regards to the PHANTOM Blockchain.

Forging(Mining) Rewards Start At Block 300,000

Since PHANTOM is a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, blocks are forged into the ledger which is similar to what someone would consider mining, but, with a different consensus method. The protocol has the forging (mining) delay set to block height 300,000. This was set to give the community, network, and users ample time to register as Delegates and being voted in by the network to secure the PHANTOM blockchain. Since block times are currently set to 8 seconds, that equates to 10,600 blocks per day. That will be approximately 28 days and 3 hours until forging rewards kick in for those Delegates who are running their system to secure the network and to confirm transactions on the blockchain for validity. For users interested in registering for Delegates, the system is now live and operational to do do and a guide has been posted here: For users interested in running PHANTOM nodes a guide has been posted here: and can be seen here as well: for easy installation.

PHANTOM Desktop Wallet

To use PHANTOM users can install a node with instructions that may be found here: or users can download the PHANTOM Desktop Lite Client  here: that doesn’t require the user to run a full node to access the network. The PHANTOM Desktop wallet requires no additional network parameter settings and just needs basic installation. The PHANTOM Desktop Wallet is available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS operating systems. With the PHANTOM Desktop Wallet users can access the network, view their XPH balances, register as a delegate, send and receive XPH, manage their contacts, register a second pass-phrase, register a wallet name, view PHANTOM protocol news, and more.

PHANTOM Mobile Wallets

PHANTOM Mobile Wallets are currently available for Android/Google based devices by manually installing the application. To find the Google APK source files, it is available publicly on GitHub and the release APK may be found here: . To learn how to install APK’s directly please read this third party article: .We are in the process of finalizing the IPAs for iOS and then subsequently getting both the Android and Apple versions into their respective App Stores. Users wanting to use ARK Mobile Wallets can just enter the new network in the Mobile Network settings found below (Currently this seems not functional).

ARK Wallets adding the PHANTOM Network

For users who are interested in using the ARK Desktop/Mobile Wallets, all you need to do is add the PHANTOM Network to your existing wallet. Please keep in mind in the future when we start implementing our PHANTOM GHOST privacy protocol the ARK wallet will become deprecated on the PHANTOM network. For the time being, users are welcomed to continue using the ARK Wallet if they choose to do so by following the steps found here:

  1. In the ARK Wallet, press the Cloud button on the left menu bar
  2.  Then you will want to press Add New Network
  3. Enter the following information:Name: PHANTOMDescription: The PHANTOM MainnetSeed Server: press Fetch
  4. Thereafter the PHANTOM main network settings will pre-fill, and all you need to do is press save.
  5. You will now see the PHANTOM network on your Network list in the ARK Wallet. Now you have to add a new profile for this network. You may do so by clicking your avatar on the bottom left which will open the Profiles page. Now click Add Profile
  6.  Now you will add a profile just like how you did with ARK, except for on change. When you press Next and get to the Network step, you need to click the button with the 3 horizontal dots as shown below:
  7.  Now you will select the PHANTOM network and press save.
  8.  After you complete the profile creation you will now be PHANTOM network and can import your wallet with the same pass-phrase you use to access your ARK to access your XPH.

Tip: If you want to connect to a specific peer you can use list in Github (we encourage new peers to make pull requests), engage with the community, or launch your own. :

The Next Steps

Now that the PHANTOM Mainnet is live, the PHANTOM community development team will be working on the next protocol upgrade which will be our Privacy Protocol and Private Smart Contract platform. We encourage all developers interested in helping PHANTOM reach it’s goals to reach out to us at or send over a comit in our Github repository as this project is completely open source and community driven. . The documentation found at will be updated frequently as currently it is just a fork of ARKs. Our next update will be the iOS and Android apps into the App Stores and working with the community on our privacy protocols. If anyone has any questions you may join our telegram community channel at: or email us at

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