PHANTOM Chain & Wallet Upgrades

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The PHANTOM Chain core and core-commander updates are now complete and available for upgrade either through running core-commander and allowing the updater to automatically do it for you  or manually via our core repository found on These updates are important and patch up many issues, bugs, and vulnerabilities detected by ARK and PHANTOM developers. This update also enables dynamic fees to be enabled for the network as well as. Some relay and delegate nodes have already upgraded and this update activates the new features at block height 216,000. You have not done so already, please update your relay and forging nodes. When updating you might be prompted by your node to re-enter your delegate passphrase for forging nodes as some network setting parameters were updated to enable dynamic fees and will update those files.

PHANTOM Desktop Wallet 2.2

PHANTOM Desktop Wallet version 2.2 has also now been released for Windows, MACOS, and Linux platforms here: The PHANTOM Mobile Wallets are almost complete and will be released soon.

What’s New in PHANTOM Desktop Wallet 2.2?
  • New profile creation page — The profile creation process has been completely remodeled. We have updated the graphics, included a solid background for better text readability and added several UI improvements that match our new design.
  • List or Grid view of the wallets / contacts — A frequent request was an option to switch from grid view to list view within the wallets and contacts pages. This is now done by clicking on the icon in the upper right portion of the page. You can also sort your wallets in list view by name, label or balance (ascending or descending) by clicking on the preferred sorting method. You can also edit labels in the list view in the actions tab so you can more easily rename wallets if you have multiple without going into each wallet view. More updates to the list view will be coming with the introduction of multi-wallet endpoint in Core v2.1.
  • Optional profile avatar — An new option has been added for profile avatars. You can keep the current avatar or you can select the first letter of the profile name as your avatar.
  • Option to broadcast to multiple peers — By enabling the broadcast to multiple peers option, each transaction will be broadcast to the 10 best peers, 5 random peers and 5 random seed peers. This drastically increases the likelihood a transaction will be properly broadcast to a variety of nodes and eliminates some vectors for manipulation. You can still broadcast to just the currently connected peer by switching this option off. This can be enabled or disabled in the settings menu.
  • Added ‘Add to contacts’ to primary wallet buttons — When viewing an address in the wallet, you can now add it to your contacts list by clicking the “Add to contacts” button.
  • Wallet heading buttons color improved in dark mode — The color of the buttons in the wallet header are improved to provide better visibility.
  • Time is now consistent in the wallet — The wallet time now matches the time in the PHANTOM explorer. It also makes use of the “Multiple Locale Support” to display AM and PM properly. Also, you can choose between default (current system format), 12h and 24h times.
  • Added tooltip to network selection modal — In cases where the network name is too long, you can now hover over it to display the full name.
  • Send all’ toggle confirmation — When trying to send all of your funds from a specific wallet you are now prompted with a pop-up window for verification. We have also made UI improvements to the ‘Send all’ toggle for a better user experience.
  • Show vote / unvote in color — To better distinguish between votes and unvotes the colors now match those in the PHANTOM Explorer.
  • Shows message if wallet is a known wallet — This update displays a message when a wallet is a known wallet. A wallet gets the icon even if you import it as a contact with a different name. For example, ifbinance is a contact it will still show the icon if you give it a different name. The icon is used both in the transactions table and the wallet heading.
  • Change the layout of the network sidemenu — The dropdown icon is flipped so that peers are listed upwards, label names are changed and added to the peer and refresh buttons, and changed the naming of connect your peer and network overview. Also added is an option to disconnect from a custom peer.
  • Multi-wallet endpoint — in Core v2.1 there will be new optimized API endpoints that will make our Desktop Wallet much quicker when loading multiple added PHANTOM addresses. The new feature is already in this release of the desktop wallet and will be automatically used once Core v2.1 is deployed on the PHANTOM Public Network.
  • Major Ledger integration improvements — we have made a change in how Ledger handles wallets and calls when reloading. Speed is increased especially for users with a high number of Ledger PHANTOM addresses. Disconnecting and reconnecting Ledger is improved so balances are properly updated. This will be most noticeable once Core v2.1 is deployed on the PHANTOM Public Network.
  • Fixed contact sorting—contacts are sorted based on name and address. Contact order will remain fixed every time the contacts page is opened.
  • Added validation of network name when adding a new network — when adding a new network, the wallet will now check and alert you if that network was already added. Before, it would generate an error message.
  • Fixed URI on Linux — for example, the pay now button from PHANTOM Pay opened the wallet but didn’t create the transaction window on Linux, that has been fixed.
  • Do not show transaction notifications for contacts — transaction notifications previously showed for added contacts. We have changed this to avoid confusion.
  • Don’t update network config as it overwrote network change — Switching profiles and reloading networks would previously overwrite custom changes. Now when you switch profiles the custom data is saved.
  • Remember transaction table row count — storing the transaction table row count on a per profile basis. The stored limit is used only on the wallet transactions page.
  • Properly handle unsuccessful unvote transaction — the wallet previously hid the unvote button after sending an unvote transaction independent of whether or not the peer accepted the transaction. This has been corrected.
  • United router links of create/import buttons — instead of having two separate router links we refactored the wallet create/import buttons to have only one link instead increasing the clickable area.
  • Set correct icon color on warning & alternative amount fix — sets the correct color on the passphrase input component if there is a warning and sets the alternative amount to zero when there is no input.
  • Fixed URI freeze that could occur in some cases — some users reported they could not fill in a passphrase when their wallet was opened through an AIP13 link (URI Scheme). This issue was because feeStatisticscould be undefined on a network. We handle it now by setting a default feeStatistics property on the default networks that we supply in the config, and added a synchronizer service that updates this statistic every 100 blocks.
  • Handle case where QR reader fails without error — the QR Reader would fail without displaying an error. The wallet would freeze, and the user couldn’t do anything except close the app. Now if the QR reader fails there is an error message and loading stops after 10 seconds.
  • Added navigation to vote transactions—you can now navigate vote transactions the same as any other transaction.
  • Performance increase on function “find latest transactions” — instead of sorting and then picking the latest transaction, loop over all transactions to find the latest transaction, this reduces complexity from O(nlogn) to O(n).
  • Fixed the splitting of Japanese passphrases — setting your passphrase as Japanese when generating new wallet now properly display characters.
  • Rename approval to vote % — renamed approval to vote % for better understanding in the delegates tab.
  • Various other fixes, refactors, optimizations and new tests added.

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