PHANTOM BLOCKCHAIN(Phantomchain) is a Community-led Project

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This informal document defines the following:

1. The composition and nature of membership of the Phantom Community, 
2. The motive of each member of the community,
3. The nature of influence of each member has over a public blockchain, and
4. The responsibility of each member.

Community Responsibilities and Influence

The Community is composed of persons having a mutual access in a public blockchain.

Each member seeks to increase the Enterprise Value of this public network through effective on-chain governance in an operator role. Their objective is to gain the greatest community benefits from their collective efforts.

The Blockchain is decentralized however it is being influenced by the members of the community on the basis of their holdings of the tokens that powered the public network. Being a public blockchain, community members are expected to exercise due diligence at all times and secure their tokenholdings.

These persons are instrumental in keeping the operation of the Blockchain safe, sound and fair. They realize they can attain their goals only by harmoniously working together.

They voluntarily affiliate with the community. These person are interested in seeing that their Blockchain effectively, efficiently and ethically serves them. They actively seek the best ideas, expertise and experiences available in the marketplace and constantly incentivizing the sharing of these to the community.

Any risk that may erode the Enterprise Value of the Blockchain is immediately avoided, addressed or mitigated.

Remedial measures are constantly taken as voting for the top 51 delegates is always on-going.

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