Managing the Risk of Unreasonable Tax Liabilities or Legal Risk of Promoting Unregistered Securities

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This is to remind everyone of the expectations on this project. As the title of this post suggests, these are the Phantom Research Group’s main concerns for this project. Everything is secondary to those.

(Of course, the Phantom Devs will disagree with us as they are working hard for the stable and secured network and immutable blockchain, which are their main concerns.)

So that, if this project does not suit your risk appetite or management style, you can probably ditched this project. But, read the following before doing anything.

First, this is a non-ICO project. Nobody is obliged to do something for anyone.

Second, the name of the project is Phantom. Everyone is a ghost and if a community member insists to remain one and protects his privacy, you cannot force him to reveal himself to you or anyone.

Third, you cannot have an investment contract with a ghost, there is no known proponent, or centralized management and anyone could do anything without any restraint. Nobody will censure you on the blockchain and its records should be immutable.

Fourth, the value of this cryptocurrency is secured by the cryptographic proofs and only exists once you are able use it openly for mainstream purposes and in a regulated manner, and lastly, most importantly,

Fifth, the trust on the blockchain and the network are supported by the cryptographic proofs provided by a fork of Ark’s blockchain and the soft infrastructure being built by the Phantom Community.

This is an opinion of the Phantom Research Group(PRG), an ad-hoc group established by a collective of finance and legal professionals who have advocacies for financial inclusion and financial freedom. Currently, the PRG’s financing is majority supported by delegate rove’s forging rewards.

The collective’s website of will be ported to

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