How do you assess the progress of this Non-Ico start-up project and, find out if your free tokens are worth anything at all?

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  1. To check any development on the Phantom Blockchain, check the

This is open-sourced software project. You can fork it, run the program, fire up devnet node. Then, you will be able to assess if the network is stable and secured or if blockchain is immutable. You can check also what wallets are available now and what plug-ins are being worked on.

2. On the business side, only right now has a roadmap. (We are not aware of any other delegate proposal for utilization of  the token).

Check our websites ( to be ported to within the month of signing up with our contractor) , check our funding, check the milestone on the roadmap. Check if these milestones are feasible.

Based on that, you can decide if we can deliver on the roadmap that our delegacy unilaterally committed.

You have to DYOR, to find out if your airdropped tokens have any use now or in the future.

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