Guiding Principles for the Phantom Community

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a. First Principle: Active on-chain Governance

Every tokenholder has a responsibility of maintaining the effectivity of the “one-wallet – one vote, highly distributed and dispersed votes”.

Always protect the sanctity of your vote and be vigilant for any delegates that are forming alliances, conducting cartel-like behavior on pricing of any services or abusing the fees market.

Every tokenholder should make responsible reporting of any offer of kickback or bribes or any unethical practice and rent-seeking activity of a delegate or a whale tokenholder.

Conflict of interests should be discouraged or avoided.

b. Second Principle: Contribute to the Community

Every tokenholder is expected to contribute to the Community by sharing his/her ideas, expertise and experience. These include incentivizing any positive and tangible contributions.

The tokens are meant to increase its value over time to reflect various incremental technical advances of the Phatomchain. Use it generously to reward community members for their progressive contributions.

Cultivate and support the entrepreneurial spirit of each member of the community.

Consider every member of the community as a professional expecting to be recognized for his/her efforts.

c. Third Principle: Risk Awareness

Any risk that may affect the sound, safe and fair operation of the Blockchain is immediately avoided, addressed or mitigated.

Constantly adopt remedial measures as voting for the top 51 delegates is always on-going.

The Phantomchain is a public blockchain, the exercise of extra ordinary diligence is always expected from the community members.

d. Fourth Principle: Financial Inclusion and Independence

Each member of the community should help each other achieve financial inclusion and independence.

Be interested in seeing that the Blockchain effectively, efficiently and ethically serves the community.

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